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DentalEmax Crowns

Emax Crowns

Emax crown is one of the veneer treatments that are produced from special ceramics that do not contain metal and offer a natural tooth appearance to the person.

Emax crown treatment is performed to provide more aesthetic appearance. Emax crown treatment provides healthy and aesthetic teeth.

Which Teeth Is Emax Crown Applied To?

Emax crowns are made of glass ceramic and have high light transmission. Due to this structure, it offers a natural appearance in the mouth. The types of teeth that Emax treatment can be applied to are;

  • Defects that need to be corrected in the protective layer and enamel of the tooth,
  • Teeth with aesthetic defects and multiple restorations,
  • Teeth that lose color and do not whiten as a result of treatment,
  • Teeth that experience color change due to age and environmental factors,
  • Teeth that experience deformity and wear as a result of incorrect application,
  • Broken teeth as a result of trauma or decay,
  • It is applied to the teeth with curves and deformities.

How Is Emax Crown Applied?

First, the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination, and then a thin layer is formed on the tooth surface. Afterwards, the tooth model is decided on the digital system and the mold is prepared after the necessary measurements are made.

Each mold and Emax ceramic coatings are produced individually. High quality monolithic lithium disylate blocks are used in the production of Emax and are produced as a single block by cutting in a milling machine.

In the final stage, the prepared teeth are applied to the patient’s natural teeth.

In Which Cases Is Emax Crown Therapy Applied?

Emax veneers can be applied to yellowed teeth. In this way, you can say goodbye to yellowed teeth that stain over time and do not look aesthetic.

Thanks to the Emax veneer treatment, which offers a solution to crooked teeth, crooked teeth, especially in the anterior regions, can be restored.

After root canal treatment, the teeth become more durable. Emax veneer treatment is applied to these teeth, which are not durable and have a high probability of fracture. Weak teeth become more durable with this treatment.

Emax treatment is applied to teeth that are broken and cracked as a result of dental caries or accident.

Why Choose Emax Crowns?

Thanks to the Emax application, which is one of the most preferred veneer treatments in the field of dental aesthetics, solutions are offered especially for non-aesthetic appearances in the anterior teeth.

In this treatment method, which is very compatible with the patients’ own teeth, you can have very natural teeth when viewed from the outside, thanks to the light reflection feature.

Emax dental veneers do not contain metals, thanks to the materials they are produced from. Metal-based products create a gray or black appearance as a result of gum contact, but Emax coatings do not have this image.

Thanks to its durability, which is among the most striking reasons for preference, the coatings are very resistant to chewing force. Thanks to the coatings made of glass ceramic, you can have durable teeth for a lifetime.

Thanks to the coatings produced as a very thin layer, less treatment is applied on the tooth surfaces, thus protecting the health of the main teeth.

What Are The Advantages Of Emax Coating?

Emax treatment, which is highly preferred due to its aesthetic appearance and naturalness, has many advantages. Some of the advantages of Emax coating treatment are;

  • It has a high degree of light transmittance so that a matte appearance does not occur,
  • Does not damage the tooth structure,
  • Provides slippery and smooth natural tooth structure,
  • A gray or black color does not occur on the edges of the teeth and gums.
  • It minimizes the sensitivity of the teeth,
  • Since it does not contain metal, it does not cause an allergic reaction,
  • Minimizes the formation of dental calculus and tartar,
  • Prevents yellowing and staining of teeth,
  • It is very durable due to the material produced and offers lifetime use,
  • Liquid absorption is low,
  • Since it is produced from materials that are highly compatible with teeth, it does not harm dental and oral health,
  • Thanks to its slippery surface, it prevents the formation of tartar, thus reducing your chances of experiencing gum problems,
  • Since there are so many color options, you can get a natural look by having veneers suitable for your own tooth color,
  • It provides solutions to existing cavities in the teeth and provides a natural aesthetic tooth appearance.

Why Do Emax Coatings Look More Aesthetic?

Generally, the infrastructure of the porcelain crowns and prosthetic teeth applied is metal. Metal-supported porcelain crowns and bridge prostheses appear gray on the gums and tooth edges, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

In full porcelain products such as Emax, it offers a more aesthetic appearance as it has high light transmission and does not contain metal. Thanks to its high light transmittance, the teeth do not look dull and it is suitable for every patient due to the many color options, so that both aesthetic and natural appearance can be obtained.

Why Is Emax Veneer Not Applied To All Teeth?

Since stability is important, especially in the posterior teeth, it is generally Firstly, metal substructure coatings are used. However, Emax does not contain metal, so it is not suitable for posterior teeth.

Emax, which is preferred for aesthetic appearance, is a much more accurate treatment method to be applied to anterior teeth.

How Long Is The Emax Coating Usage Period?

The answer to this question varies from person to person and doctor to doctor. Emax veneer teeth, which are applied with high quality materials in the company of an experienced physician who are experts in the field, are durable enough to be used for many years if the patient pays attention. At this point, the patient should complete the care recommended by the specialist and give importance to dental and oral health.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Emax Coating?

The only disadvantage of the Emax veneer treatment is that it is not applied to the posterior teeth that require force, since metal is not used in production.

How Long Is The Emax Coating Treatment?

After the patient’s detailed examination and radiology tests, the material to be used is decided and the preparations for the application begin. During the treatment, the general structure of the teeth is not damaged. Teeth are not cut or large shaping is done. This whole process is completed in 2-3 sessions on average, 7 to 10 days in total.

Emax Coating Treatment Is Not Applied To Whom?

Emax porcelain treatment is usually applied to the front teeth. It is not applied to the back teeth as there is no metal support inside.

If there are too many decayed and broken teeth in the mouth and these teeth are the back teeth, this treatment is not correct.

Emax treatment is not recommended for patients with many missing teeth in the mouth.

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