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Smile Makeover

It includes methods such as smile makeover treatment, teeth whitening, tooth coating, dental implant composite bonding, lamina coating. These treatments, which test permanent solutions to loss of teeth as a result of decay or accidental tooth loss with the passage of time, also correct congenital structural defects in the teeth.

Factors to be considered while applying smile makeover are;

  • The person’s facial appearance, skin tone,
  • The structure of the gingival tissue,
  • The structure and posture of the lips,
  • The color tone of other teeth and whether there are stains on the surface,
  • The number of missing teeth or the problem of breakage and cracking in other teeth,
  • The length and structural appearance of the main teeth are among the factors affecting the aesthetics of the smile makeover to be applied.


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What Is Smile Design?

Due to many different reasons, experiencing problems in the appearance of teeth, formation of tooth and gum diseases and tooth loss negatively affect the smile in people. The solution to this problem is finding a solution with smile aesthetics. Smile aesthetics is the treatment applied to the person to achieve healthy, natural and beautiful teeth and smile with simple operations.

It covers cosmetic procedures such as tooth coating, bonding, dental implants, teeth whitening with smile aesthetics. The main purpose of this treatment is to correct the structure of the teeth and to make the teeth look beautiful when smiling.

How To Get A Smile Makeover?

Smile aesthetics vary depending on factors such as the person’s tooth structure, face shape, personal wishes, age, skin tone, lip structure. In general, the aim is to achieve a healthy and proportional aesthetic tooth appearance. Thanks to the development of technology, the desired smile design image is created from the application with the help of computerized systems. As a result of the design, prosthesis, porcelain or zirconium coatings, porcelain leaf laminates or braces treatments are applied.

It should be applied as a result of the joint work of periodontologists and orthodontists who are experts in the field of smile makeover treatment. As a first step, after the design process, necessary measurements are made according to the method to be applied and necessary rehearsals are made by taking wax molds. When the desired appearance is achieved as a result of the rehearsals, permanent teeth are placed and you can have a perfect smile.

How Long Is The Process?

Smile makeover is one of the most accurate treatment methods for those who want to smile without hesitation. The duration of the makeover treatment varies according to the method to be applied. The whitening process, which is among the simplest procedures, takes 2 sessions. Apart from the whitening process, procedures such as gingival surgery, bridge, lamina veneer can be solved by applying more sessions.

Who Can Have Smile Makeovers?

The process can be applied to those who have lost their teeth as a result of tooth decay, those who have dirty teeth as a result of bacteria and calculus, those who have gingival recession and gingival problems, and those who have a disorder in the appearance of their teeth.

What Are The Stages Of Treatment?

Smile makeover treatment is applied to find solutions to the problems experienced in the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Some of the treatments applied and their stages are;

Teeth whitening and porcelain veneer: Thanks to the teeth whitening treatment, which is among the cosmetic dental treatment, the stains and tartar on the surface of the tooth are cleaned and the teeth are whitened several tones. Thanks to the help of veneers and composite treatments, small openings between the teeth are closed and a more natural appearance is given to the teeth.

Porcelain tooth bonding: Generally, thin laminates such as leaves made of porcelain are attached to provide an aesthetic appearance to the front of the teeth.

Root canal treatment: Before any aesthetic dental treatment is applied, the general health of the teeth should be considered. If there is a decay or problem in the tooth as a result of the examination, root canal treatment is applied. As this process is applied as a routine dental treatment, it is applied in the health of the underlying tooth before the procedures such as crown bridge.

Dental bridge: In case of loss of one or more teeth between two teeth, it is the process of placing the tooth in the toothless area in the middle, by reducing the adjacent teeth, with the support of the veneer tooth.

What Are The Advantages Of Smile Aesthetics?

Smile aesthetic treatment has many advantages like other treatments. Since the treatment applied is specific to the individual, there are also changes in the advantages gained. In general, the advantages of smile aesthetics are;

  • Improvement in oral and dental health,
  • Increase in self-confidence thanks to an aesthetically pleasing appearance,
  • Thanks to smooth and healthy teeth, it is among the most important advantages to smile more often without hesitation.

Is Smile Makeover A Painful Procedure?

Dental treatments for aesthetic purposes were generally painless procedures. r. In some patients, local anesthesia is applied during the applied veneer or porcelain lamina treatments. Thanks to the local anesthesia applied, no pain is felt during the procedure, and then the healing process is passed comfortably thanks to the painkillers used.

How Long Is The Permanence Of The Treatment?

The use of many treatments for aesthetic purposes for many years varies depending on the patient. Teeth whitening procedures are generally used for one year. As a result of aging and staining of the teeth due to the foods consumed, the permanence of the whitening process is slightly shorter.

Braces treatment is permanent for life. However, over time, the gaps between the teeth are opened, and in order to prevent this, you need to wear a stabilizer plate at night.

Smile aesthetic operations, on the other hand, can be used for a lifetime if care is taken.

Veneer and crown treatments have a useful life of 10-15 years.

Is There An Age Limit?

In general, there is no age limit for aesthetic dental treatments that are not a surgical operation. As long as your general health and dental health are good, you can have smile design aesthetics without age limit. In children, if the physical and bone development is completed, you can have aesthetic dental treatments.

Girl with a smile makeover

What Does Smile Design Do?

The smile design process is completely tailored to the individual. It differs from person to person at the design stage, according to the patient’s expectation, the tooth appearance he imagines and the recommendations of the specialist. Thanks to the smile design, your earnings are;

  • The alignment of the teeth is regulated,
  • Teeth whiten and brighten,
  • Front teeth gain the same size and appearance,
  • The problems experienced in the gums are solved and a proportional gum appearance is obtained,
  • Teeth structure and tooth function are strengthened,
  • People’s self-confidence increases,
  • The general appearance of the face becomes more aesthetic.

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