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Patient choosing her new teeth in laminate veneer.

Laminated tooth veneer is the process of fixing the laminated veneer material, which is a thin layer, to the tooth surface by slightly abrading the solid main tooth surface. The main tooth surface is very lightly rasped, leaving room for the laminated veneer. This process does not harm the teeth.

How Is Laminated Veneer Made?

Treatment is applied to people whose suitability for laminate coating treatment is determined by preliminary examination.

After the inspection, necessary measurements are made and laminated coatings are prepared. In the next stage, the tooth surface is cleaned and abraded lightly to prepare the floor for the laminate veneer. In the final stage, laminate veneers are placed on the tooth surface and fixed to the tooth surface using strong adhesives.

Who Is Laminated Veneer Applied To?

Some suitable conditions must be required for laminate coating treatment. Before the procedure, a comprehensive examination is performed and the patient’s medical history is learned.

If the person has ailments such as biting nails and clenching their teeth at night, laminate treatment is not suitable.

Those who have curvature or deformity in the teeth, have gaps between the teeth, and have cracking problems on the tooth surface are suitable for laminate veneer treatment.

How To Care For Laminate Coating?

Oral and dental health and care is a lifelong practice that starts from childhood. In general, the recommendation of experts is to brush the teeth for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day and to perform oral care.

The intervals at which you should brush your teeth may vary according to your social life. If you use a lot of tea, coffee and cigarettes that cause staining on the tooth surface during the day, the number of tooth brushing increases.

Gum, tongue and oral care are as important as dental care. Flossing is an effective method to clean the food between the teeth, but you should avoid damaging your gums while flossing at this stage. It is beneficial to use mouthwash after brushing in order to prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth.

Care should be taken when consuming very hard foods after laminate tooth veneer treatment. After consuming foods such as cigarettes, coffee, tea, you should definitely brush your teeth.

Finally, after your treatment, you should pay attention to the instructions that your doctor recommends.

What Is Laminated Leaf?

Leaf laminate is actually a laminated veneer treatment. Laminate veneer treatment, which provides permanent resolution of problems such as staining, breakage, cracking, and the formation of gaps in the teeth over time, is applied using materials as thin as leaves.

Leaf laminates produced locally according to the measurements taken are applied to the tooth surface after light abrasion on the tooth surface. Laminated veneers adhered to the tooth surface are so thin that they are called leaves because of their shape.

How Long Is The Laminated Coating Usage Period?

The duration of use of dental veneer treatments varies. If the treatment is carried out in the presence of a specialist in the field and the instructions are followed, the duration of use of the teeth is long.

Laminated veneer teeth are generally life-long treatments. If you pay attention to the foods consumed over the years, brush your teeth regularly after drinking tea, coffee, and smoking, you can use your laminated veneer teeth for a lifetime.

How Long Is The Laminate Coating Treatment Period?

Laminate veneer treatment can be applied to anyone whose face shape, structure of the teeth, mouth and gums are suitable.

An experienced dentist, who is an expert in the field, can complete the treatment in 2-3 sessions, that is, in a period of 7 to 10 days, for a patient who meets all the conditions.

How Long Do Laminated Teeth Last?

The life of the laminated tooth coating may vary depending on the method applied, the experience and dexterity of the dentist, and the patient’s attention to the points that should be paid attention to after the treatment.

Generally, if these points are paid attention to, it is possible to use the laminated teeth for a lifetime. Careless behavior of the patient after the treatment causes shortening the life of the treatment.

In order for your laminated teeth to be long-lasting, it will be useful to pay attention to the recommendations of your doctor after the treatment.

Does Laminate Cause Bad Breath?

The answer to this question varies according to the quality of the material used. Laminated coatings produced from quality materials do not cause any bad breath problems.

In general, the problem of bad breath is experienced due to oral bacteria or gum problems. In order to avoid bad breath, it is necessary to care for the gums and the inside of the mouth as well as the teeth.

Why Should Laminate Dental Veneers Be Made?

Problems such as yellowing and staining that occur visually on the teeth can be solved with laminate veneer treatment without damaging the structure of the teeth. In this way, it provides natural and white teeth. you can have. Visually, slight defects in the teeth and the gaps between the teeth are easily resolved with laminate veneer treatment. The formation of tartar on the teeth also finds a solution thanks to the laminated coating. Compared to other dental treatment methods, the application time is much shorter and allows you to save time.

What Are The Advantages Of Laminated Coating?

Laminated veneer teeth have many advantages, some of these advantages are;

  • After the laminate coating, problems such as yellowing and staining do not occur on the teeth.
  • You can have natural and white teeth after laminate veneer treatment.
  • The main teeth are not damaged and the structure of the teeth is not deteriorated.
  • Since strong adhesives are used, there is no risk of falling and breaking.
  • Laminate veneer can be applied to more than one tooth.

Laminated Veneer Or Zirconium?

Laminate veneer and zirconium dental treatments are different applications. These two treatment methods, which are different from each other, are among the most frequently preferred methods according to the needs of the patient. At this point, which method will be preferred depends on the needs of the person and the experience of the specialist.

Zirconium dental treatment is applied in two ways, metal-supported and metal-free. Metal-supported zirconium teeth are not preferred because they cause odor and taste in the mouth.

In zirconium crowns, the teeth are reduced and fixed on the new tooth. In the laminate veneer, the teeth are fixed on the tooth by wearing very little without reducing them.

Is The Laminate Coating Permanent?

Laminated tooth veneer, which is used correctly and made of quality material, allows you to achieve a very natural appearance.

The permanence of the laminated coating varies depending on the person’s attention to what needs to be taken care of and the quality of the material used. If the material used is of good quality and the person pays attention to use, laminated coatings are long-lasting.

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