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Botox For The Treatment Of Gummy Smile

A perfect smile is imperative for the integrity of our teeth and gums. The asymmetric arrangement of the teeth, their whiteness and the size of the gums are very important. If necessary, gums can be reshaped for a good smile. This procedure, which is also called gingival aesthetics, is determined by dentists according to the mouth, teeth and jaw structure of the individual. Gingival aesthetics is a stand-alone procedure and is also performed within the scope of the Smile Design process.


In order to treat gummy smile with Botox, first, the muscles to be treated are determined in the direction of the visible gingiva between the upper lip and the teeth. Then, anesthetic cream is applied to this area. Next, Botox is applied to the identified muscles. The process takes approximately 15 minutes. The effect of Botox is fully noticeable within 1 week. The procedure has no known side effects and can be repeated. 


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