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DentalDental Implants

Dental Implants

Implant; It is a treatment method applied as a result of surgical operation that provides both functional and aesthetic solutions for tooth loss as a result of accidents or decay. Implants are products made of titanium with the screw part and ceramic, porcelain or zirconium on the upper tooth part. Titanium screws are used instead of the tooth root and it is aimed to obtain permanent fixed teeth.

What Is An İmplant?

Implant dental treatment is a treatment method with a high success rate that provides a permanent solution to tooth loss in terms of health and aesthetics, produced from quality materials.

What Material Is The İmplant Made Of?

Dental implants are produced from titanium materials that are suitable for the body structure and accepted by the body.

How Long Does The Implant Treatment?

After the implant is placed, the recovery period varies between 1 and 6 months, depending on factors such as the person’s recovery time, bone structure and age.

Who Is Implant Dental Treatment Applied To?

Implant dental treatment can be applied to all patients who have no health problems, who have sufficient bone amount and thickness, who have no teeth or one missing tooth, and to children who have completed their developmental age.

Can All Dentists Implant?

In order to have permanent and healthy teeth, it will be the right decision for you to work with an experienced dentist who is experienced in this field, has received the necessary training and is experienced.

Can Patients Using Palate Prosthesis Have Implants?

All teeth are lost in patients using palate prosthesis. If the amount of bone in the person is sufficient, implant dental treatment can be applied to patients using palate prosthesis.

Do You Remain Toothless Until The Dentures Are Made?

According to the amount of missing teeth, it is determined whether temporary prosthetic teeth will be made or not. If the missing tooth is not visible and does not prevent you from eating, a temporary tooth may not be made, but if the number of missing teeth is high, a temporary dental prosthesis is made until your implant treatment is completed.

What Are The Types Of Crowns On Implants?

Some types of over-implant crowns are;

  • Implant cast ceramic coating smante,
  • Cast ceramic coated screw system
  • Eos ceramic coating on the implant and screw system,
  • Implant zirconium coating and screw system.

What Are The Stages Of Implant Dental Treatment?

The stages of implant dental treatment are;

  • The first stage is a comprehensive inspection. At this stage, what exactly the patient needs is determined. The jaw structure is displayed with state-of-the-art tomography devices.
  • Considering the tomographic data, the areas where the implant will be placed are determined.
  • Implant placement is performed under local anesthesia and no pain is felt during the procedure.
  • Bone density is increased by bone grafting before patients who do not have sufficient bone amount.
  • Implants are placed into the bone with a simple operation and the bone is expected to accept the implant and heal for an average of 3 months. At this stage, if necessary, temporary teeth are made.
  • After the waiting period expires, the upper prosthesis measurements of the implant are taken, the rehearsals are made and these prostheses are placed and fixed at the last appointment, and the treatment ends.

What Are The Advantages Of Implant Dental Treatment?

Thanks to the dental implant treatment, the missing teeth are replaced with healthy, straight teeth. The success rate of this treatment is around 98%. Some advantages of implant treatment are;

  • Healthy and aesthetically natural-looking new teeth are placed in place of unusable and bad-looking teeth.
  • There is no artificial image when viewed from the outside.
  • As with dentures, you do not have to constantly remove them, you are fixed on fixed and solid teeth.
  • You can use your implants produced with quality materials for a lifetime if you take care of them carefully.
  • You don’t need to do any extra care, just brushing your main teeth will be enough.
  • You can permanently solve all the self-confidence problems you experience in terms of aesthetics thanks to implant teeth.
  • During the operation, no procedure such as reduction is applied to other teeth and their structures are not deteriorated.

Does Implant Treatment Have Disadvantages?

Implant dental treatment has not been found to have any medical side effects. In the first stage of the treatment, the body shows a reaction between 7-10 days against the implant screw placed in the jawbone. After this time, everything returns to normal.

If There Is Not Enough Bone In The Area, What Kind Of Treatment Is Applied?

The amount and thickness of the bone in the area is very important for implant treatment. The amount of bone directly affects the success rate of the operation. Bone grafting treatment is applied to patients who do not have sufficient amount of bone. In this method, bone is formed and an adequate amount of bone is tried to be provided.

Is Pain Felt During And After İmplant Treatment?

Local anesthesia or sedation in implant dental treatment and many other dental treatments is implemented. General anesthesia is used in more extensive operations. Thanks to the local anesthesia applied during the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. In the process after the procedure, you can minimize the feeling of pain and pain by following the recommendations of your doctor and using painkillers.

How Should Implant Dental Care Be Done?

You can apply your implant teeth to the care you apply to your main teeth. You do not need to do any extra maintenance. In order for your implant teeth to be long-lasting, you should brush your routine teeth at least 2 times a day and you should not delay your dental check-ups.

What Other Procedures Can Be Performed Instead Of Implants?

Bridge coating or removable dentures are applied to patients who are not suitable for implant treatment or who do not prefer it.

  • There are serious differences between a bridge tooth and an implant tooth. In the treatment of bridge teeth, adjacent teeth are reduced. There is no need for a surgical procedure and the treatment is completed in a period of 1 week, but the period of use is between 7 and 10 years.
  • There is a big difference between dentures and implant teeth. Basically, dentures can be removed at any time, while implant teeth are fixed permanently. Since there is no majority of the teeth in dentures, bone loss occurs and dentures damage the gums and cause pain. Its useful life is between 10 and 15 years.

How Long Is The Life Of The Implant Tooth?

Implant dental treatment, which is among the most preferred treatment methods worldwide, is used for life if you pay attention to your dental and oral care.

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