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Dr. Dt. Gulay Durmus


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Dr. Dt. Gülay Durmuş, born in Rize in 1975, is a distinguished Orthodontist at FineUp Clinic. Her academic pursuit in dentistry began at Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry, culminating in her graduation in 1997. Driven by a deep interest in orthodontics, she commenced her doctoral studies in this specialty at the same university, achieving her doctorate in 2004. Since 2000, Dr. Durmuş has been an integral part of our outpatient clinic, offering her expertise in orthodontic care.

An active member of both the Turkish Orthodontic Society and the World Orthodontic Society, Dr. Durmuş has participated in various national and international congresses and symposiums. Her dedication to her profession is matched by her commitment to providing exceptional orthodontic treatments, enhancing the dental health and aesthetics of her patients.


Prevention, treatment and Invisalign treatment of misplaced teeth and jaws


Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry

Certificates & awards

7th International Cogress of the Turkish Orthodontic Society,2000. 7th International Cogress of the Turkish Orthodontic Society, “ Oral-maxillo-Facial Surgery& Orthodontics” Sessions, 2000. 77th European Orthodontic Society Congress, Gent-Belgium 2001. Excellence in Orthodontics, May 2001, by Prof Dr. Ravindra Nanda. IX th International Symposium on Dentofacial Development and Function october 2002, Istanbul. Esthetics and Finishing in Orthodontic Treatment October 2002, by Dr. B.V. zachrisson Alexander Discipline “So When Do We Extract?” marc 2002, by Prof.Dr. Wick Alexander. 78th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, June 2002, Sorrento, Italy. Essix Retainers & Appliances Air rotor Striping By Dr. J.J. Sheridan, May 2003. Treatment Timing: When To Start? By Prof.Dr. James A. McNamara, September 2006 Introduction to Early Treatment, Adult Treatment and Postural Orthodontics By Prof Dr. Marcel Corn, May 2006. 11th International Congress of the Turkish Orthodontic Society, October 2008. Class III treatment Approaches, Surgical Orthodontic Treatments and TMD, December 2009, Assoc. Tamer Büyükyılmaz, Prof. Ali Ihya Kahraman. Direct and Indirect Bonding Applications in Orthodontics, March 2009, Assoc. Tamer Büyükyılmaz, Prof. Ali Ihya Kahraman. Treatment Guidelines in Orthodontics, Feb, 2009, Prof. Dr. Wick Alexander. Use of Self Connecting Bracket Systems, December 2011, Assoc. Korkmaz Sayinsu. 87th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society. June 2011, Istanbul. Uses of Vacuum and Pressure Formable Thermoplastic Materials in Dentistry, April 2013 Istanbul By Peter Stückrad.

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